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Trendy Video Advertisements for Social Media Platforms

Start Trendy and Go Viral

People spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than on any other web-based platform.

Take advantage of this sea of potential customers with trendy video advertisements designed to stop their scrolling and grab their attention!

Animated Video Ads

Short animated video ads are becoming the hottest trend, even on television!

Our team can weave together an amazing short story and deliver an animated video ad your competitors will envy you for!

Whiteboard Video Ads

When a complicated subject needs to be explained in a clear, simple way, the absolute best solution is a whiteboard video.

Our team can transform your ideas into an employee training program, a short commercial, or even an educational video!

Graphical Video Ads

Even the shortest of attention spans can be grabbed with a quick, trendy, graphical video ad.

Our team can create a colorful, eye-catching video, perfect for advertising your business on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube!

Live Action Video Ads

Prefer a traditional, live-action video advertisement for your business?

Our team can create a live action advertisement using professional stock video that’s suitable even for broadcast television!

Cinemagraph Video Ads

Trendy, “moving picture” cinemagraphs are a beautiful way to grab the attention of any social media scroller.

Our team can take your still photos and bring them to life, complete with subtle movements, lighting effects and animated particles!